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Gluten Free and Budget Travel
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Wander the world with curiosity. Follow my journey traveling to Italy gluten free and discovering the best city finds, living la dolce vita! Four Seasons of Travel (FSOT) acts as an insiders guide for the best places to see, authentic food finds (specifically gluten free) and unique ways to travel, giving you insight into experiences and destinations I discover. I want to show you that traveling can be easy and accessible with my gluten free and budget travel guide! 

I have grown up in Australia, in an Italian family, with pasta on the menu every Sunday night, however one year ago I found out I have celiac disease (wheat, rye, oats and barley free). Turning my world upside down, I began a journey to improve my health, knowledge and understanding of allergies and intolerances. Now I am living my dream and moving to Italy, while living gluten free can be a hinderance in many situations,  I want to embrace it and show others how to live and travel without it.

So lets wander the world with curiosity.

Cherise x